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[自动发布] TG频道消息 2020-02-08 13:17:06

消息来源: 本博客Telegram 频道 (Leonn)

根据小伙伴投稿,.com 域名正在筹划涨价,目前可以针对此事项发表公开评论,地址如下。注意2月14日截止。

原文部分来自商家 Dynadot

At Dynadot, we do our best to put our customers interests first and would like to keep you informed with important industry updates that may impact your domain names. The .COM Registry agreement has a proposed amendment submitted to ICANN. This amendment allows for annual price increases on .COM domains. As you know, we believe in transparency and low pricing to keep the internet accessible to all. Price increases on the registry level unfortunately result in price increases at Dynadot.
The amendment is currently open for public comment. Comments will be accepted until *February 14th, 2020*



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